Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good clean fun

Just looking at the pics from this morning's ride is making me emotional. It was just so very quiet, and so big, and really represented some sort of ideal that we can only achieve this one morning a year. Plus, the air in the Don Valley smelled like lilacs!

Just leaving the downtown core on the Gardiner.

Heading north on the DVP. As you can see, nobody's heading south yet. I was in the early bird group.

That is wet pavement you see in pic #3. It rained.
PS - I should include some details: I rode the 50 km route, which starts at the Dufferin bridge on the Gardiner and turns around way up at York Mills on the Don Valley Parkway. I raised $645 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

And my muscles are tired, and when I got home I had a nice long bubble bath, and I've been eating lots of protein, and I'm endlessly thirsty, and my butt is indeed sore, but I feel just great! And if I could I'd do it again next Sunday morning.


  1. Way to go, Mare! I'm so proud of you. You did a great job! Who would have thought you'd be riding your bike 50 kms in your mid-40s? Wow...that's amazing. Kim

  2. Thanks Kim!!! I remember when you and Wendy used to volunteer at the Ride. It seemed like such a big scary thing. It still sorta is, actually.