Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Commuter tips

I am at the office, my place of work. And I'm wearing a see-+hr0ugh sh1rt.

These are the perils of the cycling commuter. Every morning I pack my work clothes into my pannier, and some mornings, like this morning, I even try them on before I go to make sure the outfit works. Unfortunately, I realize now I should've opened up the curtains to shed the light on what appeared quite clearly in the ladies' washroom mirror through my new pink shirt.

I wasn't willing to walk around so exposed for very long, and wondered how I could possibly justify an emergency trip to W1nn3rs for another shirt (which would mean buying something new; not allowed). Fortunately, my co-workers here at my place of work include good old friends, and one of them graciously lent me her very chic white denim jacket.

I'm saved, and without sin!

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