Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 days hath June

Does doing a bunch of extra "green" stuff for a month really make a difference?

I think so. I've always liked having a bunch of lights on. It cheers me up and since I've lived in apartment buildings for the last 20 years, I haven't had to pay for hydro much. But doing 15 Earth Hours has made me very conscious of turning off the lights as I leave the room, and not turning on so many in the first place.

As for not buying new stuff, I'm happy with how I did, greenwise, considering I didn't buy anything unnecessary and the clothes I did buy when I sorta fell off the horse were organic, and had no packaging and were from a co-op and I remembered to bring a carrying bag. As for my attempts to not being an impulse consumer, I'm glad I didn't buy the towel, the hair extensions, or the bathmats. I sorta still want the shoes. Which of course means that if I do buy them, they're not impulse. Right? And, on occasion, I do need shoes for various occasions that are not entirely butchie.

It all sounds a bit like rationalization in my mind, but I'm also struggling with how my looks have changed in the past year. I'm wider, my eyelids are drooping (I can feel their weight, eh; it's not my imagination), and I'm just, well, different. My clothes from last year are too small, and I'm delighted to have rediscovered G00dwill because now I know I can get ordinarily expensive stuff like jackets there and they're nice, nearly new and totally great for work. I don't want to look or feel drudgie. I really don't.

In other news: Tomorrow is Canada Day! A holiday right smack in the middle of the week. Hurrah!! I read in the paper today some grumbling about its not being attached to a weekend, but I don't care; it's a gift. Charlie and I are going to go to the ROM or the AGO or something cool like that. Again, say it with me, Hurrah!!!

And, Kimmie and Wendy, check this out, see who you recognize:

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