Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wee wee wee wee all the way home

Now Charlie's sick with something like what I had. He's feverish, coughing, sneezing, droopy... but cheerful. I watched a bit of the news the other night and they were saying that there's probably loads of people out there with swine flu, but since it's really just the flu - which like any flu can be dangerous for a small percentage of people - most of them (us) don't realize it, and will get better on their (our) own.

I figure I had it; the timing was right, I'd been in three different airports two days before I felt ill, etc. I was super-sick. (My mom had wanted to take me to the hospital. But within about 24 hours, I'd improved a lot.)

By the time I'd really heard about the official spreading of the piggy sickness, I was past the point of testing positive. And although I considered going to the doctor, it really felt viral, not bacterial, and I couldn't face even the idea of sitting in my GP's crowded boiling hot waiting room for two hours only for her to say, I don't think you need antibiotics. Though she likely would've said, you've got the piggy sickness! Get the duct tape! Don't go out!

Oh yeah, and now apparently, the thing's been renamed C3P0 or something because it's unfair to piggies. Er, I don't think calling it swine flu - a thing that comes from pigs - is unfair. Never mind the fact that I'm sure pigs don't care if we name the flu that came from their poo after them. I'm sure they'd be just as happy to strike a deal where they no longer supply the B in our BLTs.

Back to the flu. They identified Patient Zero. A little boy in kindergarten that lives in a town surrounded by pig farms. They had him on the news, with his dad, and they showed his name. A cute little kindergarten boy who'd gotten very sick was identified internationally as being the first person (testing positive, that is) with swine flu. But oh no, don't blame the pigs - or the pig farms, or all the pig poo in the kid's town's water system. It's absolutely appalling that the little boy would be identified so very publically in this world of crazies.

PS: Okay, I just did some fact checking - it's the World Health Organization that wants to call the swine flu, "HlNl A" (see? C3P0 was not far off) because they say it was "causing countries to order the slaughter of pigs" unnecessarily. I'm thinking it's perhaps a bit late in the day for that. (What's a group of pigs called? Not a sleuth... Ah, a drift, a team or a herd.)

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