Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh my

Another day where I have to face the fact that I'm foggy.

First disturbing incident was forgetting my bundle of new books on Saturday, and not even realizing I'd forgotten them until I was home, and also being completely clueless as to which stage in our travels I'd forgotten them. I was convinced I had them the whole time.


Today's disturbing (albeit less so) incident was dashing out to do an errand at 2:30 and out on the street looking down to notice I'm still wearing my cycling shoes with my office clothes. Not a tragedy but, in this tres chic environment where I'm already possibly the one voted most likely to wear running shoes with "dress pants", it just further cements my drudgy image. Part of me doesn't care, and I wish I could just put on a pair of pants and a MEC long-sleeved t-shirt every single day. But part of me does care. I want to look nice. I do! But I need help.

Foggy and drudgy.

The other thing: My clothes are starting to seriously not fit. Either it's the slowing metabolism that come with this joyous time of life or it's the meds, which make me both hungry and thirsty pretty much all the time.

I still remember at time when I'd be at work and I wouldn't snack at all. Seems a little foggy now though, mind you.

Foggy and drudgy. And pudgy.


  1. take it easy on yourself, sister.

    I mean, fix things if they need fixing, but take it easy on yourself as you do it.