Monday, May 18, 2009

Me11ow ye11ow

I've always felt that dandelions have never been given their due. At least in this country. My Dziadek, as the story goes, made dandelion wine. The greens can be used in salads, and both greens and roots in soups. Today, however, we made Dandelion Flower Cookies.

First Charlie and I went out and picked flowers. There's a school nearby and there was already a fellow out at the edge of the school yard (which is beside a park), digging up greens. He'd already gathered a huge bagfull and told us he was going to cook them.

A few weeks ago Charlie and I came across a woman digging up greens in practically the same spot. "What are you going to make?" I asked her. "Money!" she said.

The recipe for the cookies calls for honey, eggs, oil, flour, oatmeal, and dandelion flowers (not the greens). To get the flowertops you squeeze the green part and pull the yellow out. Charlie's showing what it looks like.
Then you mix it all together (see photo). Drop teaspoon-sized dollaps on the cookie sheet (we actually did tablespoon sized.

Bake them for about 11 minutes (in our hot oven, that is), and voila!

You've got Dandelion Flower Cookies.

How do they taste? Not bad. A little, er, furry.


  1. Nice pic of the kid with the flowers!

  2. I just have to tell you that it's dangerous to let kids play near high-voltage powerlines. It's been scientificaly proven that the magnetic feilds are dangerus. Just trying to help, don't flame me

  3. Thanks Anon. That's really helpful.