Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just because you're a cyclist...

it doesn't mean you're not a jerk.

And just because you're driving a car, it doesn't mean you are one.

Yesterday morning, Charlie and I ventured out in the car to get to the toy store right when it opened. We had three birthday parties and the rest of the weekend ahead of us.

We motored quietly (have I mentioned how quiet the F1T is?) along a back street; it's residential with speed bumps and cars are parked on both sides. Three men on bikes were ahead of us. No problem. We typically don't move too fast -- Charlie can see the speedometer from his car seat and lets me know when I'm too close to the speed limit. As we approached the three blokes, they moved out ahead of us so they were all three abreast.

I thought maybe they were turning left at the next cross street and were fanning out in preparation. Nope. They were just blocking me. No, it was not a Critical Mass ride (that's not til May 29). No they were not young hard-core courier types being political. They were 40-50 something gents, well heeled, blocking me and my kid in our car.

Our vehicle is pretty quiet (as I think I've mentioned) so I wondered if maybe they couldn't hear me. But then a big ol' van came up behind us, riding our tail. And at this point, both of us trying to think of ways to pass. Couldn't though, eh. Not with cars parked on both sides. Too narrow.

Why didn't I honk at them? Because as a cyclist, I never want to be one of those drivers.

But I also make a big effort to not be one of those cyclists either. I always signal, I don't weave around cars, I wait to see if Joe Driver is going to turn right without signaling, etc. etc. And I do my best not to be a jerk when I'm on my bike and when I'm in my car.

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