Friday, May 22, 2009

A good night

After work yesterday I did go home to my boy, and boy was I glad I decided to pass on the play (tho I woulda liked to see it, of course). Mostly, we watched tv, snuggling together despite the heat. We also pretended we were gargoyles, and then read stories. A perfect evening.

I also had a lovely shopping stop on my home at Goodwill, where there was plenty of that to be had. The place was hot and busy, but a whole bunch of women-on-their-way-home-from-work were trying on clothes outside the changerooms (no mirrors in there). Chatting, trading stuff, all agreeing you have to try it on before you buy,, oh that colour looks great on you, one woman suggesting I try on a cool dress (cute, but too short). Lordy it was fun.

Even better, I found two cute jackets - one Club M0nac0, the other Jac0b - and a groovy sweater. I had exactly $8.00 in the pocket of my shorts. The three items came to $7.99. I have to say I was near-ecstatic.

Then I rode home on my bike with the air filled with the scent of lilacs and blossoms to my dear sweet family.

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