Saturday, May 2, 2009

A, B, and C

Right now I can smell these gorgeous flowers, given to me for one of our anniversaries (we have several) — the one commemorating our perfect first date — which was the best date I'd ever had. The fact that every day with him since has been as good is why I like to celebrate it. Yeah, yeah, corny, sentimental, but it's true. A small bit of proof: I got to have a three-hour nap today, while my hub took Charlie to the lake.

In other news (outward-looking): check out the sky we had last night! A sunset rainbow. Spring is truly kick-off time for the sky show we get from our living room window.Now here's the weird thing about that building you can see with the blue lights at the top. Last week, for a few days, the lights were green. Since they turned the lights on, late last year sometime, they've been blue. I thought they'd changed them to green for spring, or something, who knows. But then after that wicked wind & thunderstorm last Saturday, they came back on blue. And it wasn't my imagination they were green; I have a witness: a woman in my office lives in it and she saw the green too. She really did.

In other news (inward-looking): it's been hot flashes now for about six days straight. For some reason, every time I have one, it reminds me of having Braxton Hicks.

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