Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is my mind on perimenopause

As soon as I write something like, "Next: why I love Victoria", it pretty much guarantees I won't write about it.

I still love Victoria, but I want to write about peri-menopause. Yes, AGAIN, wanna make something of it?

For the past several days I've been having wave after wave of extreme warmth. Not like before, and not entirely unpleasant, maybe because I do know what it is.

What I don't buy - because it'd just be too stupid, human design-wise - is that hot or warm flashes are normal. How dumb is that to have surges of estrogen so strong that they raise your body temperature. And make you nasty, or sleepy, or happy, or lightheaded, or giddy, or dense, or brilliant. We're talking extremes.

And I also don't want to quash any impulses to NOT talk about what I'm going through. I think it's interesting and perplexing and real and dammit everybody around me is going to as well. If you subscribe to the notion that menopause or it's sinister sister, perimenopause, is unmentionable, I ask that you please quietly make your way back to the 1950s.

And I do NOT want to hear stuff like, "In parts of India, China and Africa they do not experience hot flashes." Right. My keen insight tells me that they do, but they sure as he11 don't talk about them. Or maybe it really IS hot in the room they're in.

The other funny little thing about this magical process was demonstrated by Frances McDormand in, oh what was the movie, Friends with Money. She stops showering and washing her hair. Her friends don't get it. I do. I won't go to work with unwashed hair, but there's nothing wrong (lately, especially with my JLC do) with just sticking my head under the tap as the mainstay of my beauty routine.

Hey, when I g00gl3d to try to find the Frances McDormand movie, check out the very interesting and cool blog I found, called Beauty Tips for Ministers. I love reading about women of the cloth and have in fact fantasized about becoming a minister, or, er, yes really - a rabbi; can't totally reconcile the abandonment of Christianity thing but it's fun to think about. You might too.

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