Monday, April 6, 2009

First day as an employee

Today is my first day as an employee since leaving Jobsite X last fall.

This morning, at home, we all had to skedaddle out the door before the annual fire alarm testing began. Every few minutes for the next couple of days the fire alarm will ring as they test the (considerable) volume in every unit in the building.

A year ago, on the first fire alarm testing day, I made it as far as the entrance of the office building and had to turn back. Not because of a snow storm, like we're having today, but because I was breaking into little panic-stricken pieces: work one year ago was a lot worse than staying home with the fire alarm.

After I left the office that day last April, I stopped at the drug store to get ear plugs, and spent the rest of the day in weird but blessed silence.

I am so happy and grateful to be here, at this desk, today.

PS: This just in: our company, where I sit today, is in the 2009 list of Best Places to Work in Canada. Nice coincidence, eh?

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