Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The best customer service ever

I wrecked the water-proof zipper on my MEC backpack. I've had the pack for several years, and it's stood up pretty well. My husband reminded me that they have a repair policy, so I took it in.

The fellow behind the membership service counter (MEC is a co-op; it's $5 for a lifetime membership) said they'd repair it - for free - but he wasn't sure if they could get me the same waterproof zipper. But if I really wanted it and they couldn't find one, they'd replace the backpack with a new one! With apologies that they don't make that model any more.

I asked what they'd do with my old one. He said they'd replace the broken waterproof zipper with a regular one and donate the pack to one of the charities they support.

This is what it's like to do business with a co-op, folks! They have a progressive business model. Which totally ROCKS!

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