Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back here, away from wOrdpre$$

Anytime I have a break from blogging, I have a hard time getting back into it and feeling like I have anything to say. Usually once I do finally start writing, I have to write and write and write, posting more than once a day for the next couple of days.

True to form, I just can't get rolling, and my new blog over at my new site isn't doing it for me. Each time I read "already hip?" or the word "stalkers" or "Palin", which you have to do (in my experience at least) before you sign in makes me not want to say anything. I'm not hip; never was, and don't want to be. I'll leave my new blog over there, in case I'm just feeling sucky cuz I'm sick and no longer on vacation.

The flight. I've always been a nervous flier, but I tell you it sure helps being on anxiety medication and flying with a not-quite-five year old. It was Charlie's first time in an airplane, which made the flight the very best I've ever taken. We had a turbulent ascent, which made him laugh and go Whoah so infectiously, people were turning around, making everyone a little less white-knuckled. Plus, as we embarked, I told the flight attendants, who were fluttering around Charlie, that it was his first flight. Do we want to visit the cockpit and chat with the pilots? Oh boy!!! Dana and Jeremy showed us all the buttons and switches and wow is their window every small, and joked around, and Charlie even forgot his shyness enough to tell them his name. The guys were so relaxed and let us stay so long, Charlie finally said, "let's go - I wanna go to our seats!"

A seven-year old girl sat across the aisle from us, and was intent on making friends, which she did very well by asking Charlie a bunch of science questions from her magazine. Soon she was sitting with us, as they coloured together and played fish and high card (which you may know as "war").

The pic is the Rockies. We had great views almost the whole flight - very little cloud. Seeing the Rockies (and yes, by now we can see on our little monitor that we're actually in Canada again) makes me want to sing O Canada. Out west, we had about a 45-minute stopover at the airport, then got on a Dash-8, which was even more fun because it was way smaller and Charlie could see the ocean almost the whole 17-minute trip.

My dad greeted us at the still adorable Victoria airport, we hopped in our fancy rental car - a Compass! - all paid for by my aer0 points, and headed down to Victoria at its most beautiful.

Next: why I love Victoria.

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  1. I have several pictures out airplane windows, but none of the mountains (rockies or otherwise)
    My mother in law also is a nervous flyer, but last time she flew my little brother IL got sick! So I don't think that helped...