Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When gravity gets you down...

1. put on your pink crocodile PJs as soon as you get home from work.

2. lie on the couch with a pile of magazines (actually you can't do this if you have little kids until they go to sleep).

3. think about your holiday and how funny Bosley the Dawg was.

4. put some daffodils on the dining room table.

5. go look at the garden on the balcony and admire your work.

6. make hot chocolate.

7. don't push yourself to get to 10.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is my mind on perimenopause

As soon as I write something like, "Next: why I love Victoria", it pretty much guarantees I won't write about it.

I still love Victoria, but I want to write about peri-menopause. Yes, AGAIN, wanna make something of it?

For the past several days I've been having wave after wave of extreme warmth. Not like before, and not entirely unpleasant, maybe because I do know what it is.

What I don't buy - because it'd just be too stupid, human design-wise - is that hot or warm flashes are normal. How dumb is that to have surges of estrogen so strong that they raise your body temperature. And make you nasty, or sleepy, or happy, or lightheaded, or giddy, or dense, or brilliant. We're talking extremes.

And I also don't want to quash any impulses to NOT talk about what I'm going through. I think it's interesting and perplexing and real and dammit everybody around me is going to as well. If you subscribe to the notion that menopause or it's sinister sister, perimenopause, is unmentionable, I ask that you please quietly make your way back to the 1950s.

And I do NOT want to hear stuff like, "In parts of India, China and Africa they do not experience hot flashes." Right. My keen insight tells me that they do, but they sure as he11 don't talk about them. Or maybe it really IS hot in the room they're in.

The other funny little thing about this magical process was demonstrated by Frances McDormand in, oh what was the movie, Friends with Money. She stops showering and washing her hair. Her friends don't get it. I do. I won't go to work with unwashed hair, but there's nothing wrong (lately, especially with my JLC do) with just sticking my head under the tap as the mainstay of my beauty routine.

Hey, when I g00gl3d to try to find the Frances McDormand movie, check out the very interesting and cool blog I found, called Beauty Tips for Ministers. I love reading about women of the cloth and have in fact fantasized about becoming a minister, or, er, yes really - a rabbi; can't totally reconcile the abandonment of Christianity thing but it's fun to think about. You might too.

Friday, April 24, 2009

His first school concert...

... and I almost missed it.

Charlie's class had their first-ever school performance this morning, singing "It's a Small World After All" for Earth Week.

The note came home in his backpack weeks ago, and truly seemed like no big deal, saying parents could attend, but not like an invitation. It was to begin at 9:15 a.m. on April 24, which at that point was a long way off.

But this morning, I just felt like lagging behind schedule. I was feeling extra-sentimental about my little family - it's 10 years today that I met my husband - and as he sliced up a breakfast orange, Charlie played the piano (It's a Small World After All, naturally) with the sunshine coming in the window lighting the top of his hair. I suddenly realized that he and my husband had to be at the school, which is practically across the street, in less than a half an hour, so we'd all be leaving our place together. Me for work, them for the concert.


I ran into the bedroom and phoned the office, saying I'd be late and I'd explain later.

We got to the school, dropped Charlie at his classroom door, and joined the throng of kindergarten parents outside the gym. Everyone was there, mommys and daddys and baby brothers and sisters and even grandparents, all with cameras (babies with cheerios).

Each child wore a big card showing a picture, created by the kids, illustrating a line from the song. Charlie and the two little boys beside him were mountains; some were laughter, some were tears, the little girl next to him was the ocean.

The performance was adorable and the kids were beautiful, and my precious boy waved at us and smiled and even sang.

Don't know what I was thinking before. I took my eyes off the road for a minute there. But I sure am glad I smartened up.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Gargoyle in my Yard

Philippa Dowding's wonderful book, The Gargoyle in my Yard is now in stores. Philippa is a poet and writer (& dear friend). She's one of those rare people who is always creating, coming up with ideas, thinking, and caring about the world. (Some of the richest discussions on my life have been with Philippa, over strawberry margaritas, at Hernando's Hideaway.)

Check out her website.

And, actually, the cover is so cool I have to post it (is that okay, Philippa?).

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Back here, away from wOrdpre$$

Anytime I have a break from blogging, I have a hard time getting back into it and feeling like I have anything to say. Usually once I do finally start writing, I have to write and write and write, posting more than once a day for the next couple of days.

True to form, I just can't get rolling, and my new blog over at my new site isn't doing it for me. Each time I read "already hip?" or the word "stalkers" or "Palin", which you have to do (in my experience at least) before you sign in makes me not want to say anything. I'm not hip; never was, and don't want to be. I'll leave my new blog over there, in case I'm just feeling sucky cuz I'm sick and no longer on vacation.

The flight. I've always been a nervous flier, but I tell you it sure helps being on anxiety medication and flying with a not-quite-five year old. It was Charlie's first time in an airplane, which made the flight the very best I've ever taken. We had a turbulent ascent, which made him laugh and go Whoah so infectiously, people were turning around, making everyone a little less white-knuckled. Plus, as we embarked, I told the flight attendants, who were fluttering around Charlie, that it was his first flight. Do we want to visit the cockpit and chat with the pilots? Oh boy!!! Dana and Jeremy showed us all the buttons and switches and wow is their window every small, and joked around, and Charlie even forgot his shyness enough to tell them his name. The guys were so relaxed and let us stay so long, Charlie finally said, "let's go - I wanna go to our seats!"

A seven-year old girl sat across the aisle from us, and was intent on making friends, which she did very well by asking Charlie a bunch of science questions from her magazine. Soon she was sitting with us, as they coloured together and played fish and high card (which you may know as "war").

The pic is the Rockies. We had great views almost the whole flight - very little cloud. Seeing the Rockies (and yes, by now we can see on our little monitor that we're actually in Canada again) makes me want to sing O Canada. Out west, we had about a 45-minute stopover at the airport, then got on a Dash-8, which was even more fun because it was way smaller and Charlie could see the ocean almost the whole 17-minute trip.

My dad greeted us at the still adorable Victoria airport, we hopped in our fancy rental car - a Compass! - all paid for by my aer0 points, and headed down to Victoria at its most beautiful.

Next: why I love Victoria.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Trying out a new place

A new place takes some getting used to. But come on over and have a look-see at my new blog-home.

First day as an employee

Today is my first day as an employee since leaving Jobsite X last fall.

This morning, at home, we all had to skedaddle out the door before the annual fire alarm testing began. Every few minutes for the next couple of days the fire alarm will ring as they test the (considerable) volume in every unit in the building.

A year ago, on the first fire alarm testing day, I made it as far as the entrance of the office building and had to turn back. Not because of a snow storm, like we're having today, but because I was breaking into little panic-stricken pieces: work one year ago was a lot worse than staying home with the fire alarm.

After I left the office that day last April, I stopped at the drug store to get ear plugs, and spent the rest of the day in weird but blessed silence.

I am so happy and grateful to be here, at this desk, today.

PS: This just in: our company, where I sit today, is in the 2009 list of Best Places to Work in Canada. Nice coincidence, eh?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Check it out

I'm HIRED!!!

I've got a FULL-TIME JOB!!!


Working with people I LIKE!!!

At a cool desk with FROSTED GLASS!!!

Good $ too.


I feel like dancin'. And also, strangely, sleeping...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The best customer service ever

I wrecked the water-proof zipper on my MEC backpack. I've had the pack for several years, and it's stood up pretty well. My husband reminded me that they have a repair policy, so I took it in.

The fellow behind the membership service counter (MEC is a co-op; it's $5 for a lifetime membership) said they'd repair it - for free - but he wasn't sure if they could get me the same waterproof zipper. But if I really wanted it and they couldn't find one, they'd replace the backpack with a new one! With apologies that they don't make that model any more.

I asked what they'd do with my old one. He said they'd replace the broken waterproof zipper with a regular one and donate the pack to one of the charities they support.

This is what it's like to do business with a co-op, folks! They have a progressive business model. Which totally ROCKS!

Give me an occupation, Miss Dashwood, or I shall run mad

Day one without a contract. I wait. I wait. I wait. All the while, working away at this (can't really call it "my") desk. I know I sound whiny and petulant, but the stress of not knowing what they're going to do with me, (like do I get to work here? or should I just pack up my kit and go) is making me mental. Just gimme the G.D. job I applied for four months ago! Or say No already.

But no, one biggie had to consult with another biggie who was unfortunately away, who then when he came back said he had to consult with the first biggie who was then at that time unfortunately away, and by the way, why is ONEWEIRDWORD charging for sick days? Contract? I don't remember approving any contract! (Actually to be fair even though this happened, I got it sorted by contacting said biggie and pointing out that I understood that there was a contract and just because he didn't remember it and never got around to writing it down doesn't mean that I'm trying to put one over on the company for chrissakes what the heck am I doing here anyway, volunteering endlessly?

So finally the first biggie came back from being away and after not returning phone calls yesterday today says to my manager, why haven't you put the job offer request in to HR? Of course this whole entire time (four months) my manager has been trying to get approval to do that very thing.