Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Food for thought

I just had the funnest dream. I'm home today, with a messy horrible achy cold-cold (in that I'm freezing cold) and I've slept til now, which is almost 1pm.

Here's what happened. As we were getting ready to go out to dinner with family we happened upon a consignment shop, in the house we were in (it was a dream, eh), which was really big and newish and rambling.

I got to try on a whole bunch of funky, pretty old jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, all different, none matching, but all so pretty and cool.

Then someone brought over a dress. I don't typically wear dresses that often (currently I do not own one other than my wedding dress), but this one was like a 60's empire-style, made up of maybe six different coloured fabrics sewn together to form a rather Mondrianesqe pattern, but with more subdued colours, like earthy mossy brown, mossy green, and pale blue (in a crinkly shinier fabric). There were an underskirt with the same Mondrian pattern and colours, but printed on the fabric.

Also, I tried on some cool blouses, which were oldies made over with velvet ribbon, old cameos, some beading. Gorgeous. And one or two of them even fit me.

It was so much fun, and makes me think it's time for a little trip to a second hand shop. Although it's funny because this isn't stuff I'd normally wear, even though it's all stuff I like and admire. My standard uniform for, let's say, work, is a red jersey knit shirt, black jacket and gray pants. Plain stuff, no patterns. This dream is maybe food for thought.

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