Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adventures with Charlie

Saturday morning broke, and Charlie and I were already in a rush. We had a birthday party to get to for 9:30 all the way across town, a potentially hour-long trip. We managed to get dressed, partially fed, pop the present into a Nemo gift bag - chosen from our stash by Charlie - make a card, and with the help of my hub, get to the subway in good time. We got to the party right on time, making us the first guests to arrive.

Unlike the gathering Charlie and I went to last weekend, which was frightening in the amount of screaming and violence, this party was lovely and mellow. The other parents there were calm and friendly and seemed interested in the welfare of the kids, the birthday boy didn't try to annihilate anyone and was in fact smiley and adorable, and the cake - a Nemo cake served on a Nemo tablecloth - was just delicious.

The two hours zipped by and Charlie and I soon found ourselves outside blinking in the glorious sunshine. He wanted to check out his lootbag, so we sat down on the grass in a nearby cemetary. Bonus: sunglasses! We wandered around the cemetary for the next half an hour, with Charlie trying to find names of kids he knew on the tombstones. Easy, since so many of them have last-name-type first names. I do sorta find playing in a cemetary a bit sad and weird, but it wasn't bothering Charlie to race between all the "goner people" (as he called them), and who wouldn't want a joyful and energetic kid running over their grave decades after they're gone?

Next, we got back on the subway. Lots of empty seats on a Saturday. Charlie asked me, "can we go wherever we want?" We weren't on any kind of a deadline. I said sure!

Two and a half hours later, we'd gone from Etobicoke to the very end of the Scarborough LRT, we'd switched lines something like five times, and we'd encountered pretty much the whole world on our various train cars. An older fellow studying a plastic-coated city map asked us for directions to an intersection (fortunately) I know well. Charlie got smiled at,, at least two people asked him how old he was. He both times responded with "I don't want to tell you". (Go kid!)

At several points when I was in the mood for noticing, we were the only whities and blonds on the whole car. At other points, we were actually the only people on the car. In the last leg of our journey, a young cool-looking dude travelling with his girlfriend gave up his seat so I could sit beside Charlie. Charlie proceeded to entertain the two of then with a no-holds-barred silent jazz vocal performance, with lots of extremely enthusiastic facial expressions that had them laughing.

We ended the trip at a coffee shop; my hub met us there, where we had lunch and then we went to the park.

Life doesn't get any better than this, folks.

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