Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Say cheese

I was reading Despereaux last night to Charlie. We also read Mouse's First Snow (or something like that), and then Wemberly Worried. On the shelf beside the bed is a stack of Maisy books. They all have something in common: they're all about mice.

What's with all the mice in kids' books? It's weird. Maybe it's a kid-lit thing; mice are small and cute, mostly powerless, and, er, have adventures. I get that, but there are lots of real mice in the real world, many of which we humans try to exterminate. Isn't this setting kids up for future trauma?

Just wondering. And seems like a lot of kids' books are about mice.

PS: I see from googling a maisy pic there's a bit of a hate-fest out there for Maisy. I happen to like her (the books more than the videos). She's a butch adventurer. She's got her own house, takes a bath with her girl-friend, likes wearing elastic-waist pants, plus she can drive a train, fly a plane, roll and tumble, make noise. And she's a mouse. With a pet cat. How cool is that?


  1. I never realized that Maisy had a cat -- it seems Ms. Cousins is trying to upset the hierarchy!

    (Nothing like a little anarchist subversion in a kids book)

  2. (Yay, you've added comments!) May I just say that photo is stunning.