Friday, February 13, 2009

High on life

At 3:23 on a gorgeous sunshiny afternoon (hurrah offices with windows!), the Friday before the long weekend (hurrah, Family Day!), looking forward to a beer, which will be served at 4pm, I'm feeling happy and high on life.

That project that I was so worried about is mine to manage, at least for the current issue. I'm working on a schedule right now(ish). The people involved seem very happy at my/our offer to take it on because it was presented as a solution, rather than a complaint about the sweet but struggling person in question. And, the person in question is happy too, because it's taking a load off her plate.


Plus, I'm wearing my old charm bracelet, that my folks gave me when I was a kid; let's see judging from the charms, I was about 11. Cross-country skis, ballet slippers, and grand piano (the top actually opens up), a girl guide. Isn't it sweet? During my weekend cleanups and clearouts, I've been unearthing all my jewelry - I've got tons, and it's fun bringing it all out again. I found my grandmother's sparkly brooch and her groovy orange, green, yellow and black beaded necklace; she was a grade one teacher, and her students always liked it when she wore big, colourful jewelry.

Now, I better get back to work. If I'm presenting myself as a solution, I better deliver on my promises (to coin a corporate phrase).

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