Saturday, February 14, 2009

How delicious

I thought Valentine's Day was tomorrow and we were being all clever having it a day early (i.e., today).

After a delicious lie-in this morning (thanks to my wonderous hub), I got up, watched some tv with Charlie, and then we set out for some Mommy-Charlie time. We were just going to the mall to try to find a new mat for the tub (that looks like stones; cool, eh?) then go to the food court to play cards and have a snack. Bizarrly the mall, the hugest in the city (I think) had not a single parking spot. Actually we didn't check every spot, but all the super-far away ones were full. So we got the heck out of there at first opportunity, which sent us northbound. The best place I found to turn around was a gas station with, YAY! an automatic drive-through car wash. With no lineup.

Charlie's never been through one before - he and my hub wash the car themselves usually - so this was a treat. The guy told us to drive up to George, then put the car in neutral and, heh-heh, shut the window. Charlie was practically jumping up and down in his car seat (despite being immobilized by it). I held his hand, and we rolled forward.

The suds were multi-coloured - and rolled down the windows like fluffy rainbows and we could soon tell they were scented. I'd never heard of such a thing, but it was cool. Then the big brushes, which were LOUD, then the big dryers. Delicious!

Here's the even more delicious thing - my fellows are out doing the Valentines Day thing for me, and I'm awaitin' for them all ready with my Valentine's Day things for them.

I love it. And what's more, I think we're even going to order takeout for dinner.

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  1. Car washes are fun! (sung to the tune of "Kites Are Fun" by Free Design, and with potentially saucy interpretation)