Monday, February 16, 2009

Grover's long-lost twin

I got Charlie a beginner's chess set on Saturday; (it's a beginner set in that the pieces are large and show you with arrows which way they can move) and I'm beat. Literally! I was never a good chess player - and it's hard a) dredging up the rules to the front of my brain, and b) teaching a 4-year-old, even one who's pretty good at games and is willing to learn. I'm essentially playing myself while explaining the logic behind every move. Not surprisingly, it usually ends up in a tie, so I have to orchestrate a checkmate. Much harder than I thought it was going to be when I agreed to the purchase. I have a feeling I was thinking more of checkers.

However, we discovered something fun. Check out the bishop.

Remind you of anyone?

PS: Charlie just asked me to look up chess on youtube - this is too good not to share:


  1. Ha! The Grover thing is hilarious!

    He also happens to be my favourite muppet.


    little blue man

  2. That's cute. Now I understand in his 1997 rematch with Deep Blue, why Kasparov kept announcing "muppet to queens 4". It's probably why he lost.