Monday, January 26, 2009

Movie with music. Also, a good book

Charlie and I went to the coffee shop for a treat on Saturday, right after buying a new area rug for the living room (yay!). On the way home, we stopped in at the convenience store; I felt like picking up a movie. I had a hard time finding anything remotely appealing and figured maybe I wasn't really in the mood to pick one. I grabbed one called "Once" and read the back, which sounded like it'd either be okay or cheesy. Then I noticed it was produced by the Irish Film Board, which gave me hope, so I took it home.

I loved it! It's about a busker who's struggling away with his music, and a woman walks by him late one night on the street and asks him about the song he's singing. By day he repairs vacuum cleaners, she has a broken Hoover, which is the thing that lets them continue talking to each other, and launches the story.

There's tons of great music in the movie - all original - and it's a lovely simple story, well told. Check out the music and then rent it; it's soooo good.

Now the book. As I've mentioned, we've been cleaning and sorting and organizing over the past three weekends. It's been great culling and clearing stuff out, but best of all, I've had the delicious task of going through all of our books. All at once! Heaven.

Which lead me to pick up a Carol Shields book from near the bottom of the pile, called Small Ceremonies. I stuffed it in my backpack and took it out on the bus on my way to work.

And was, well, don't want to sound too dramatic, but I was transported. I continued reading on the subway, crowded in, mashed up against the door, and holding the book up three inches from my eyeballs (not easy at 45, to see that close). And I read and read and read til I was done (always sad to be done a good book). A biographer wants to write fiction; values it more. She's a watcher of people, insatiably curious, but also prone to making observational statements about herself which are not completely reliable, but are entertaining. She steals a plot from someone. And then her stolen plot is stolen by someone she knows. I seriously enjoyed it.

I haven't read everything that Carol Shields wrote, but with this book, as well as Unless, I really wanted to talk to her about it, and that she had some insight into my weird brain.

Books, a good movie with good music. Bliss.

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