Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Makeup text

I find it fascinating to watch someone put on their makeup on the bus. While the new TTC buses ride a lot smoother than the old ones, it’s still a pretty bumpy ride. This morning I watched a woman do the whole routine, starting with foundation. She also put two different kinds of stuff on her lips and also put on blush (is it still called that?), then did her eyebrows, brushed on eye shadow and something else (someone stepped between her and I). She looked pretty good.

Then we got to the subway where she ended up seated right across from me, and put on eyeliner, dropping the cap — her one and only dropsy — and I quickly retrieved it for her. She gave me a warm smile, and finished off the whole routine with mascara. It was probably a good decision on her part not to curl her lashes. Too dangerous.

Seriously though what skill! She only dropped one thing, there was nothing smeared oddly, the eyeliner was straight, she didn’t stick anything into her eyeball and even the lipstick was on right. I have significantly more trouble in my own bathroom. But I think the difference between her and me is practice.

Of course while I truly do admire these feminine skills which have always eluded me, I also wonder why, if someone’s going to perform their morning beauty routine in public, how they decide to draw the line at applying makeup. I mean, why not floss?

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