Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's deja vu all over again

Monday morning I left our place late, around 8:28 (Charlie was just being too cute to leave). I got to the bus stop about five minutes later, the bus arrived about a minute after that. One stop after mine a fellow gets on; he's wearing a beige winter coat with a brown furry collar and a fedora-type hat. He's got one of those faces that always looks like it's smiling.

Tuesday, I left around 8:55. Slept right through my alarm, which is what happens when you sleep with your head under the pillow. So I probably got on the bus around 9:00. Next stop, a fellow with a beige coat, furry collar, fedora, smile, gets on. Same guy. Even though I left about 25 minutes later.

This morning I leave at 8:00 (which is when I'm supposed to leave). Get on the bus around 8:05, and next stop, the smiley fedora guy gets on.

Why does this happen?

A couple weeks ago I got on the bus and sat in front of a teenage couple, making out. On their way to school, I assume. Next day I got on the bus roughly 45 minutes earlier, and there's the same couple. Making out.

My bus route is on a very busy street. There's tons of buses going by; one every three minutes, I think, during rush hour. How is it that I so often see the same people morning after morning? Even if I didn't leave a different times, how is it they get on the same bus?

It's this kind of weirdness that keeps it interesting on the TTC.

Downer P.S.: Just heard about a shooting on the subway platform. At the station just before my work stop. Ugh. Let's keep it boring, folks. And leave your guns at home.

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