Sunday, January 4, 2009


I naively thought that we'd come home from our Christmas holidays - visiting both sets of parents - with at least a bit less stuff than we drove up with, but no, we came home with quite a bit more. So the only way we could jam the new stuff into our apartment is to get rid of a whole bunch of old stuff. We cleaned all weekend, and we have a FIT-ful of stuff to take to Goodwill to show for our efforts.

Next weekend, I'm tackling my half of our bedroom closet. It's a walk-in (it even has a light!), but, sadly, it's getting quite difficult to walk in. The truth is - and I'm not ashamed to admit it - [I am ashamed, actually] I am a packrat with sentimental tendencies and a love of craft materials, office supplies, books, magazines, records, teacups and old china, oh and also, old jewelry and pretty much all the cards and most of the letters I've ever received. Plus favourite dresses (that no longer fit), and several boxes of stamps (the kind you need a stamp pad for) that I bought from the estate auction of my husband's great aunt. I also have her uh, 72 piece set of old Limoge china. Which I also bought at the auction. I couldn't help it.

The weekend after, I'll do my desk. I really will.

And tomorrow, I start my contract.


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