Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Facing up to facts

My own personal weirditude:
  1. I can’t finish a book in public.
  2. I have a heart murmur.
  3. When I was little, I saw a picture of my mom when she was little. I couldn’t understand how it was possible that a little girl and a woman could actually be the same person. This quandary made me wonder if perhaps our souls get replaced with different ones as we grow up. I vowed to check myself regularly by memorizing how I felt at a given moment, and seeing if I recognized my younger self at the next check. So far, so good.
  4. Sincere applause makes me cry.
  5. Inappropriate applause makes my eyes water (like in church, for example).
  6. Seeing someone make an ass of themselves makes my eyes water (again, in church, when I was a kid there was a couple who went on a “marriage encounter” weekend, and then stood up and went to the pulpit at the end of mass to say, in unison, “Boy are we glad we did!” Oh god.)
  7. I was a guardian angel once for a little boy with ADD. He’d taken off from his parents’ house and gotten on the subway. I had an impulse to get off before my stop, encountered the boy, and stuck with him, until he bolted onto another train just as the doors were closing. So I called the cops. He’d told me, bit by bit, that he was going to a cub scout’s meeting at a church, so I checked the phone book for church that was closest to that subway stop, and lo and behold when I got there, he was there, thank God, as were his parents and the police.
  8. Marionettes give me the creeps; in fact, they make me nauseous. It’s their uncanny valleyness.
  9. The sound of a tennis ball bouncing is so soothing to me it practically makes me knees buckle and my eyes close.
  10. I used to be terrified of riding a bike.

And now, what makes you unique?


  1. I LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. If I'm about to witness a car accident, I don't turn away; I cover my ears. It's completely involuntary.

    It used to bothered me,but the number of car accidents I witness is pretty low, so I've learned to live with it.

    Still, it's weird.