Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emptying my brain, so at least something is empty

We're actually cleaning and organizing for the third weekend in a row!

Charlie and I have organized his entire room, including his books and clothes; my husband is working hard on his studio/office/workshop; last weekend we organized the TV area, along with Charlie's living room toys; and now we're tackling four bookshelves.

Which means at the moment the whole place is in utter chaos, since we've had to move chairs and pictures into Charlie's room so we can move one bookshelf out into the dining room and the two big Billy bookshelves from the dining room and living room into the bedroom. Then we can have one whole wall of books all in the bedroom, and Charlie's activity books and the music books and the cookbooks can go into the dining room.

Now, better get back to it! Chaos pics to follow :o)

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