Saturday, December 20, 2008

Monkey on my back

I've become a total stress monkey again.

I am possibly going to be offered a six-month contract, which may eventually become full time. But I haven't actually been offered this mythical contract and now both the Prez and the Chairman have gone on holidays til 2009. And, note, there is a vacancy right now in the department I have been working in and want to be hired in. Sounds simple, right? A no-brainer. Just hire me. But no!

They have to "rethink" the way they want the department to "look". Gaaaaaaah!

I really want benefits and I want stability. And I want to not worry so goddamn much about getting the flu and having to call in sick.

The waiting and wondering and not getting anywhere is putting me right back into living in Stressville, Ontario. I've been feeling extra antsy the past few days - even getting heebeejeebees in my legs and having the heart palpitation thingie and my eyes seeing stuff move in the periphery and slight dizzyness and irritability. With a bit of nausea thrown in - just enough for me to look up the symptoms of stroke, and then think, oh man, now I know what's wrong. I ain't having a stroke - I'm on the verge on another anxiety attack.

I want this stress monkey off my back.

However, I see it's snowing again. Pretty.

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