Monday, December 22, 2008


I got a verbal offer for a six-month contract. For 60% less than they're paying me now. With no benefits.

Why they think that's a good offer is beyond me.

So my boss went back to the biggies and tried for more dough. And they went up a bit, but still be below what I'd even want for fulltime permanent. So, bless her heart, she went back and tried again for more dough, though still way below what they're paying me now. I can't figure out why they're lowballing. It's not nice!

We may hear back tomorrow. Or not, and I'll have to wait til January.

However, it makes me really happy that my boss is so willing to go to bat to get me hired, even on contract. And I really am happy there, despite the usual bullcrap that always seems to be sitting at the upper levels.

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