Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad habits

Charlie and I were out doing errands on the weekend, and we had to get some cash and deposit my paycheque at the bank machine. There was nobody ahead of us, but soon there were several people lined up behind us. Right behind us was a nun in full gear, which included a wide white Flying-Nun-style wings over her wimple. Behind her were two men.

Charlie likes to help me get cash by pressing the "OK" button on the ABM each time we need it and then likes to count the money. So he's counting, "20, 40, 60, 80, oops (as the $20 falls to the floor), 100!" I say, "Pick up the one from the floor sweetie," and the nun says, in an exasperated and (I hate to say it) foghorn-like voice, "Hurry UP!!"

I just smiled and said, "We're doing our best", and then one of the men behind the nun says in big loud voice, "You're doing a great job, son!"

As for the nun, I guess she was still a novice.

10 points to whoever can remember the Flying Nun's nun-name.

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  1. Sister Bertrille!

    This post made me laugh.