Monday, December 15, 2008

And we LIKED it that way

This is pretty much all we saw up north this past weekend - boy, was it fun! Tons of the stuff!

Just like back in the old days, we were all saying. Snow in December is par for the course, but this much? Not since I was a kid, walking 10 miles home from school, through the park, all the way through town, across the railway tracks, over the bridge over the river, up Hunt's Hill, all the way up Toronto Street, and finally home - in the snow! Carrying a metal lunch pail! With a glass thermos! That always broke! And we LIKED it that way! (Wasn't that dumb? I mean, making kids' thermoses out of glass? Didn't they know how far a lunch pail can slide down an unsanded road when given a gentle shove?)

It's all true, I did have to do all that walking home from school through tons and tons of snow, through the park, town, tracks, bridge, hill. But it wasn't really 10 miles. Or was it?

Oh jeez, I bet there's a thing somewhere on the web where I can actually measure how long I used to have to walk home from school when I was a kid. Let's see now.

Dear me. How disappointing. 1.62 kilometres. Or just a shade over a mile. Felt like longer. Hunt's Hill was high! And the site won't do elevation outside the U.S. Here's the website. You have to double-click to mark a point.

In other news: would you look at that. I just found my old lunch box on eb@y. I just typed in metal lunch box, flowers, and there it was.

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