Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The recent past and the imminent future

So things are going great at work. I'm really happy, I like the incredible people, the office, the work. Problem is, my booking - which began October 6, is ending on December 5. Ugh. I've told everyone there that I can think of that I'm looking to stay, either fulltime or extended booking or contract, but the reality is the economic situation puts any big plans on ice.

Still, seems busy there, and I remain hopeful.

In other news: we had a great time visiting my parents on the weekend, and suddenly we're all about puzzles. The dino puzzle was a combined effort on the parts of me, Charlie and my dad, as we played and lazed around on Sunday afternoon. It was bliss. I so enjoyed watching my folks enjoy Charlie. He makes them laugh, they make him laugh, it's wonderful.

As I've mentioned before, my parents do a ton of volunteer work for their local food bank. These days my mom is putting together Christmas gifts for the food bank, like, really putting them together. She's buying, getting various businesses to donate stuff, and packaging close to 200 gift bags. She just does this kind of stuff, and doesn't make a big deal out of it. Plus I know she'll make each and every gift bag beautiful. There's line from one of my favourite happy-type movies, Sleepless in Seattle, where "Sam" says of his late wife, "She made everything beautiful." That's my mom.

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