Monday, November 10, 2008

Catching up on my sleep

Not been blogging much.

First, my computer was on the blink; it's a normally lovely PowerBook G4 with an annoying problem: it wouldn't stay awake. But after much research here on the internet, my husband fixed it. He actually opened the thing up and took out a chip. (Here are the instructions he followed, complete with pic.) He knew which chip to remove, mind you, by carefully diagnosing the problem with a diagnostic application we downloaded that told us the computer was overheating. Then we found a temperature monitor, and downloaded it too, and it told us the chip under the trackpad was giving out intermittent false readings - which would tell the computer it was way to hot, which would put it to sleep.

Very annoying and made it difficult to do anything on here. But he's brave and has a steady hand, and did it, and it worked.

My second issue is that I'm also the one that can't stay awake. I'm okay during the day; normal energy, happy, productive, enjoying riding my bike home in the dark, (complete with an wide assortment of lights on both front, back, and helmet). But after I read Charlie a story, and he asks for a snuggle, I crash, right there on his bed. I wake up around, oh, say, now, and typically go brush my teeth and crash again.

I do have all kinds of thoughts I want to share, and they're starting to really build up, like, the thing that struck me most about P.E. Obama's victory speech was that there was not a single self-indulgent note in it; nor was there any phony theatrics. He's a wonderful speaker, etc., etc., but I wanted to put two thoughts out there:

1) when was the last time you listened to a politician speak and didn't cringe? What a lovely change.


2) we have to give a big bunch of kudos to his speech writers - good job! (From what I understand, one of the primary speechwriters is actually P.E. Obama himself, and a young fellow named Jon Favreau (gotta plug the writers, always), and I will check for more, but I gotta go; Mr. Sandman calls.

Nighty night.

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