Monday, October 6, 2008

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y- NIGHT! means fun, memories, a date and friends

I realize I'm showing my age, referencing the Bay City Rollers. But as wonderful as their S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y- NIGHT! song was, in my defence, I must insist that I was not a fan of their back in the day because I was too busy being a fan of Rene Simard. In grade 9, my wonderously dedicated Dad drove me and my friends Pam and Michelle and at least one other girl down to the Ontario Place Forum to see him in concert. Just a couple years later, my friend K and I wanted to go see Billy Idol, but Dad said no; not quite as wholesome I gather. And not too many years ago, my friend D and I went to see Rene Simard in The Phantom of the Opera. Never did get to see Billy Idol.

We had my parents babysit Charlie on Saturday night, and they came prepared with a new, very cool book for Charlie called "365 Stories and Rhymes for Boys". Plus, my dad introduced Charlie - via youtube - to Mr Dressup! He is now officially a fan, and it warms my heart. Because I have a Mr Dressup story.
When I was about 5, Mr Dressup visited my skating class. He did a bunch of funny stuff, slipping and sliding on the ice, and then, at the end of the class, he gave out great big lollipops with our names on them.

We all stood in a circle on the ice. Mr Dressup called out our names, one by one, and as he did so, each child would skate over to him to accept their lolly. Each child but one, that is.

It wasn't a big class. I'm sure he knew which kid was frozen in place on the ice having a complete meltdown of shyness. My mom was knocking on the glass, trying to get me to go to him, but it's not like I didn't hear him calling me, I just could not move. After the class was over and Mr Dressup had gone home, or back into the television actually, my skating teacher gave me the lollipop. A little part of me wishes I hadn't been so shy, but it was really overwhelming enough at that age to have been in such close proximity to greatness, and I was still happy to get the lolly with my name on it.

Back to Saturday night: Charlie had a wonderful time with my parents, and it really just makes me so happy to see how much they enjoy him. Bonus: I got to go out on a date with my lovely husband to an event.

Here's something weirdly nice: Oddly enough, at the event we attended I happened to get seated beside someone who might turn out to be a new friend. We were chatting happily, enjoying the event, and eventually we got around to what we "do". Turned out she's also a writer, whose name I've heard on and off for years. And since we've worked with many of the same people and clients over those years, she'd been hearing my name too. But we'd never actually met in person. So much fun!

In other news: I've got work. I'm happily booked solid for the next several weeks, ensconced in the insanely busy world of my former employer. It is ridiculously busy there, but it's an ocean of support for me. It so nice to see so many friends in a place of work. Lots and lots of light too!
(photos: not taken by me)

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