Friday, October 3, 2008

Motivation is a funny thing

I can't figure out why sometimes I feel so stalled and exhausted. Other times, I can get myself into gear with little trouble, tackling stuff I couldn't even come close to doing hours - or days - before.

This morning was the stalled and exhausted part. I felt like it was all too much, and there was no hope of doing much more than updating my facebook status, once I got out of bed, that is. This afternoon, well, I even wrote another cover letter and applied to another job (I think that makes 6; or is it 7?), called to see what happened to them (as my poor old car sits on death row; turns out their tow-truck broke down; funny, eh?), contacted human resources with some final-payment questions, etc., etc., and now I'm heading out to order some funky glasses.

We've got a busy social weekend ahead of us, which always stresses me out and makes me just want to go back to bed. The fact that at the end of these busy social weekends I always feel so happy and full of good feelings doesn't help.

In other news: We've really been enjoying this quirky, entertaining show: Pushing Daisies. We rented the DVDs. It's weird, but not too weird, pretty to look at, and very sweet like a nice fresh piece of pie.

The daisies in the pic were on the roadside near Buttermilk Falls.

Now off I go to order the glasses. Next, cleaning for our guests!

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