Saturday, October 18, 2008

Making OPEC cry

Charlie and I saw a billboard last night that made me laugh out loud. It said,
Fit make OPEC cry.
Fit is go!

It's extra fun and funny because our new car is a Fit, and we were driving it when we saw the billboard. And so far we like it a lot; it's pretty, you can "fit" a lot of stuff in it because you can fold the seats down six ways from Sunday, and it's super-duper fuel efficient; on our trip to the nation's capital last week, we averaged 5.0 litres per 100 km (we know because the car told us).
It's not really like me to write, or even talk, about cars much at all. But as sad as I was so see the old one go bye-bye, I freaking love the new one.

Tip: we got the car through a car broker, and I'd highly recommend that experience. You get to know the markup, and the price you get is the total price, without any mysterious administrative fees. The car came with a full tank of gas, and a box of cannolis. Nice. The pic was taken about 20 minutes after we picked it up. It was raining, but we were happy.

In other news: I'm feeling slightly on the verge today. Not sure why. It's funny being "the freelancer" again at work, but on the whole it's going well, I'm getting lots of appreciation, and it looks like my short-term contract will be extended a bit. I've also applied for a bunch of jobs, but truthfully, I'd like to be hired fulltime, doing writing and editing, where I'm currently freelance. Since I've worked there before - actually I've been there on and off over the last 13 years - I know lots of people, I know most of the procedures, and it also has the advantage of being somewhat new because they're in a lovely new office location, also with a new president. But mostly I like it because it's comfortable for me personally.

And that whole other j*b thing really took its toll. Emotionally, I invested a lot there, and today some sadness about losing what I invested crept back in. I worked hard at developing ties there, and I succeeded, and therefore now I miss them - including (and I know it sounds weird) my cycling route. There were even kids in the neighbourhood near the office who'd say hi as I rode by every day, ever since I stopped at their lemonade stand one day. And there was a stretch of houses that looked like a street in Charlie's Curious George book. I miss it, and I miss the girls in the coffee shop, and I miss the fountains in the lobby, and I miss all the people I worked with (save one, obviously) and talked with from all over North America. I even miss the odd little woman in the TTC booth who never seemed to do anything but draw pictures (she didn't even sell tokens). And call me sentimental, but I even miss riding under the 401.

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