Monday, October 27, 2008

I think it's just a hangover, but...

I just can't get over the feeling like I'm doing a crap job here, and they're just waiting and waiting to tell me. What I have to say is not worth saying, what I write is pedestrian tripe, and anybody reading what I write or rewrite or edit is inwardly (or behind my back) rolling their eyes.

Reasons? Today, well, I think it's because i broke a nail and couldn't break my pill in half last night, so I was going to take it this morning and didn't. And because since I started here 3 weeks ago I've been essentially working 9 to 5, and not on weekends and at night, I'm falling asleep at around 9. It's super busy here, and in comparison to everyone else - and in comparison to the effort I was exerting at the b*tch shack, I'm slacking.

Plus, I applied to a whole bunch of jobs, and have only had one single interview, and haven't heard back from anybody else. I'm feeling rather past my best-before date.

Gah. Apologies for going on and on with this negativity.
So here's a positive note: I tried a new place for coffee this morning, and had a vanilla hazelnut. It was super cheap, and totally delicious. Plus my new umbrella is really pretty (photo: not mine, unfortunately, but the umbrella looks just like this one; this pic is from

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