Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day: the day after

It's the day after another Conservative win here in Canada, which means it's a terrible day for people below the poverty line, or hovering above. In fact, even a Liberal win would not have cheered me up much. The best news would've been even more seats for the NDP.

People like my parents give me hope. Every week they - the original champions of the underdog - work at their local food bank. It's located in a basement, and my folks aren't young, so it means carrying boxes of food down the stairs and spending hours on their feet, serving their "customers". My dad is the keeper of the cash donations, and occasionally dashes out of the house to the hospital or shelter to deliver money to people in crisis. Through the week, my mom spoons out coffee and laundry detergent into baggies - it was her idea to expand from just giving out food. She figures people should be able to have a coffee. And they should be able to wash their clothes; helps to be clean if you have a chance at a job interview.

I'm proud of them, and wish that there were more people like them out there, especially on Parliament Hill.

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  1. I love your parents. What a beautiful thing to do. I cried a little when you talked about the coffee and detergent.