Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another weird in edgewise

See? Everyone wants to get their one weird word in.

And yesterday, it was one of my favourite bloggers, Mary from The Eleventh. Her humour and unique, intelligent point of view aside, isn't her nameplate pic amazing?

In other news: We got Charlie's class picture. It took all evening, but I got him to tell me the name of every single kid in the class. A small miracle.

Speaking of weirdness, here's some news: I'm happy at work. The place is crazily busy, but it's also collaborative and friendly, and has a really nice lunch room with magazines and they ordered in lunch the other day and brought in two RMTs because people have been working so hard, and there's lots of windows and good coffee, and the receptionist makes it every morning and puts a little saying on the coffee pot, like, yesterday's said something like, "You make this company a better place".

Pretty nice, eh? I'm booked for another 3 weeks. I really hope I get to work there longer.

And, to wrap up: A thought from my last bike ride through Chinatown on blogging versus graffiti:

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  1. I am SO GLAD you have a job where they are nice to you and you are happy. Nothing worse than work misery.