Friday, September 5, 2008

Woo boy

Job interview was okay. I liked them, they liked me, but I don't really have the qualifications they're looking for, and I don't think I want to do media relations.

However, it gave me courage. I had a big talk with my B***'s b*** and told her my frustrations, like all of them, with my job and b***. I figured this is my last kick at the can; if there is any chance of improvement in this situation, I wanted to try to fix it, and be supported. Now I'm going to talk to my b*** who is already clenched and seething, and we had the most awkward and tense phone conversation ever.

Her "comments" on my performance review, framed as, "no surprises, just a re-cap of our discussion" was damning and if she really wanted to fire me (as they seem to do a lot there for what seems to be capricious reasons), she could -- all I have to do is sign it, indicating my agreement.

Then, last night, she sent me a terse, nasty little email telling me the fact that I revised the production schedule for my magazine is "unacceptable". Hello? I thought I was supposed to inform her if the production schedule changed. Anyway. Whatever. I'm so done.

As soon as I find another job.

Wish me luck, cuz I'm gonna need it.

In other news: My son started kindergarten! Kinda by accident. We thought the first day of school was next week. My hub took Charlie over to the school yesterday to say hi to the teacher, and lo and behold a class was on. The teacher came out to greet them, and said, "we'll see you this afternoon."

My wonderous husband actually got my son to go. And he didn't cry. And, tonight, after his second day, when I asked him if he liked it at all, he said with a smile, "Yeah, a little bit!"

So much for the new outfit, the photo, my tears, etc. Kinda just happened. I think this is the best way it could've happened for all of us. And Charlie is proud of himself for going to big boy school for two whole days!

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