Monday, September 15, 2008


Here's something weird; since I officially quit on Thursday morning, my b*** is being - get this - AN EVEN BIGGER BITCH!

Since our "quitting" meeting and discussion where she practically popped open the champagne, she's been icy. Her emails are downright rude; I've been forwarding them to my husband because I needed a second opinion - they just seemed too unbelievably rude to be real, and I thought, hey, maybe I'm just applying my considerable bias. (My husband of course is completely neutral :o)

He says they are very, very rude. What is the point of being even ruder to me. I'm leaving, okay? Sheesh.

One more day down; seven to go!

In other news: Josh, from the Comics Curmudgeon is always teaching me stuff, like uncanny valley and homunculus. Now it's about punching the Gordian Knot, from his Sept. 12 post. Thanks for the new lesson, Josh!

I'd say I cut the Gordian Knot last Thursday.

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