Monday, September 22, 2008

Two things I liked about today

1. Only two more days of the j*b with the b***, who so enthusiastically ran over at 5:15 as the senior manager was leaving her office, to stop her and point out that the clarifications my b*** requested to an article had not been done to her (the b***'s) satisfaction -- and in fact, I apparently hadn't made any changes at all! (Not true, but whatever.) I responded unemotionally saying I would go back yet again to the source people are get even further clarification. I think she must be punishing me for complaining about her, otherwise how to explain why she's taking such pleasure in pointing out alleged errors. It's called spite. So, back to the thing I liked: only two more days of this and I'm outa there.

2. Charlie and I had desert on the bench on our balcony tonight wrapped in my down sleeping bag, looking for stars.

There, I knew there were two things I liked about today!

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