Thursday, September 25, 2008

Turning the page

My first day post j*b started with a couple of hours of freelance work. I hope it's an omen.

Yesterday went quite well, and if every day there'd been anything like it, I most certainly would not have quit.

I got lots of nice messages from people, fond good-byes, and one fakey-nice one. The icing on the cake? I got the magazine finished; one more for my portfolio.

Today, I have a cold, caught from my son, caught from kindergarten, and also now caught by my husband.

I feel happier today - yesterday I was feeling bitter. One of my former clients (and former boss) took me out for lunch, and then I went back to her office and said hello to the myriad people I've worked with on and off over the last 13 years. I do hope I get more work.

Although going to lunch meant I missed Charlie's skating lesson - also at the arena today, doing a master class for figure skating was... my husband made me guess; I guessed Kurt Browning, who actually lives in the neighbourhood (Charlie and I saw him at Loblaws once) ...none other than Elvis Stojko! Sheesh, I would've loved to see him do a bit of skating.

We also went to Charlie's school for curriculum night, and I was very happy to see how proud and excited he was to show us all around his classroom. His teacher seems very nice, and he clearly likes her a lot.

Tomorrow is another day. Post j*b. And, hopefully, pre-job too.

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