Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Towers of power

Lately, in this household, we've been hearing a lot about the relative merits of the CN Tower, the Burj Dubai, the Sears Tower, the Petronas Towers, the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, the Peace Tower, the Dorset Fire Tower, the Sydney Tower, and, last but in no way least, the not-yet-existing Tall Tower.

Charlie is, er, quite focussed on these towers and talks about them much of the time, that is, when he's not talking about Niagara Falls (and the relative merits of the U.S. Niagara Falls and the Canadian Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls), and also hurricanes, tropical depressions, tornadoes, and water spouts. Also, the relative size of the planets and the sun in our solar system compared to bigger stars like Arcturus, Pollox, etc., all of which can be found by checking out this very cool website called the Size of our World.

I'm not comfortable blogging much about details of my son's life, but since these man-made towers and these natural phenomena are such an enormous part of our every day, I just have to share the following key facts, with which I have become so well acquainted.
(photos by oneweirdword, except the one of the Burj Dubai)
The CN Tower, which has 1,776 steps, was the world's tallest freestanding structure until September of 2007 when the Burj Dubai surpassed it in height. The CN Tower is also noteworthy because we visited it last month.

The Burj Dubai, when it's completed, will have 160 floors, but it's final proposed height is secret! Also of note, but sadly shorter, is the Sears Tower, the tallest "building" (not to be confused with "free-standing structure") in North America, which sees 20,000 people walk through its door every day. The Sears Tower is also of interest because it's in Chicago, which is near where Auntie Kim lives.

The Empire State Building is noteworthy in that Curious George visits it in one of Charlie's story books, and goes up the elevator to the 102nd floor. The Petronas towers are noteworthy because they're tall, and there's two of them, and someone jumped with a parachute from one of them. The Sidney Tower is noteworthy because it's tall (300 metres) and it's in Australia and Charlie's grandparents have a picture of it hanging in the hall. The Peace Tower is of interest because it's in Ottawa, has a clock in it, I have visited it, and Charlie's Auntie, Uncle and two cousins moved to Ottawa last month. Also, Ottawa is the capital of Canada!

The Dorset Fire Tower (at left) is noteworthy because the three of us climbed it this summer. In fact, Charlie climbed it without having to be carried, despite the fact that it was very windy, the stairs are see-through, and the tower is really tall! 119 steps!

The Tall Tower, aka Al Burj (also in Dubai), is exciting because it's proposed height - 1,050 metres - is so ridiculous.

In other news: I'm fully booked in freelance work for the next three weeks! Hallelujah!

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