Friday, September 19, 2008

This week had seven days

...apologies to these folks. It's just a phrase that got into my head and I had to serve my compulsion to use it as my title tonight.

It was quite a long work week, and I'm ecstatic it's over. I spent the day repairing the aggressive edit wrought by my senior manager. I had to send various helpful folks the rewrites of their pieces (that I so lovingly wrote and edited with sensitivity to the messages they were trying to convey), and, not surprisingly, several of these good folks were quite livid at the "tone" and "direction" of the rewrites by that hamfisted chirpy little hack who is so very sure that my editorial instincts are not to be trusted.

Because I'm still there, I still care. So I fixed everything, and forwarded the angry emails to her, and got home from work quite late.

But it was a good day because I am more confident than ever before that my leavetaking is the right thing to do. Plus, now it's the weekend and that makes me even happier.

Here's a weird thing: a website of weird websites. I'm in there too :o)

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