Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The job search

Crap! Applications for the National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign are closed. But I'll just keep on looking. Gawd, the Canadian astronauts are amazing folks. Sample: Julie Payette: Ms. Payette enjoys running, skiing, racquet sports and scuba diving. She has a commercial pilot license with float rating. Ms. Payette is fluent in French and English, and can converse in Spanish, Italian, Russian and German. She plays the piano and has sung with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, the Piacere Vocale in Basel, Switzerland, and the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra in Toronto. She is married and has two children.

The job search isn't going well in that I still do not have a job to go to after next Wednesday. I've called all my old contacts, and everyone's happy I'm becoming available, but that's all. Also, my laptop is broken.

On the plus side, I went to the dentist while it's still covered by company insurance, and I have no cavities and my gums are in great shape.

Oh, and, bigger news: I rode my bike OVER the 401, rather than under. Scary in that I had to cross a couple of ramps, but it was neat to see the highway, and nice to not be suddenly riding in the dark with my sunglasses on.

My ride to the dentist was also rather chilling - I rode past a ghost bike at Eglinton & Avenue. Ugh.
I'm going to get out there tomnorrow and take a photo.

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