Thursday, September 18, 2008

I pause

I called in sick today due to the hormone fun-fest. I went right back to bed after emailing in, and slept until 11.

It's been a good day just to hunker down and pause. I woke up in time to watch my son's skating lesson and see him off to school with my hub. My first time there; he looked so young and small and beautiful.

Then, I had to hop on my bike - I swear cycling is good for cramps/nausea/headache; it's like they all take a little break until I stop. Then it comes back. But the exercise is good.

I took a photo of the ghost bike I encountered yesterday morning. I've passed one while driving in a car before, but it's quite unnerving to encounter one while cycling. I do keep to the backroads, but sometimes,, the main route is the fastest. Seeing a ghost bike can serve to remind me to be hypercautious.

In work news, get this: my senior manager was supposed to have my manuscript back to me yesterday at 5PM. I had my emailed forwarded to home so I could do any fixes this afternoon. It's 5PM now, and I still don't have it. That means it's more than 24 hours late! Why, that's just not acceptable! What about those almighty internal milestones?! They MUST BE MET!

In other news: Looking forward to seeing the moonrise tonight - we've been getting some freaky ones. (See my new banner, and note the horrid RIO-CAN building at Yonge & Eg in both photos.)

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  1. YAY!! Comments enabled!

    So glad you got a day to yourself.