Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Attendance mandatory

No interview. We have a new big boss. He called a department meeting today that would've required me to leave for my interview half-way through. I figured that wouldn't be cool.

I'd half-heartedly hoped he'd be older than me or at least in my decade. But nope, he's clearly in his 30s. Seems very energetic, chatty, not polished - but I think that's good.

The kicker (I need to make this cryptic): He is a relic from the Common S*nse R*volution. I can't even type it all out in case it turns up on a google search. So, while he seems chatty and open and all that, I know he has the capacity to be truly ruthless, and the capacity to defend a party that did what it did to this province. We have still not recovered.

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