Friday, August 1, 2008

Workforce Part I and II

We just watched an episode of Star Trek Voyager. The crew has been abducted from their drifting escape pods and taken to a planet that has a labour shortage at its power plant. Their memories are altered so that they forget their past lives and happily get jobs at this power plant, where every now and then they comment to each other something like, "well who wouldn't want to work here; it's a great job!"

It's just too funny for words, particularly since ex-borg 7 of 9, who at the power plant is an efficiency monitor, is my bo$s personified. I got scolded again today for chatting and for making personal phone calls in the middle of the day. I did make two personal phone calls this week, actually. One to my brother who is having a rough time, and another to my parents who are worried about him. Both calls were witnessed by my own personally designated efficiency monitor.

Must be the meds, but I find all this amusing. Depressing too, mind you; I'm not that drugged. The thing is, there's a big part of the actual job I do that I really like. It's not the work, it's the efficiency monitor who's main goal for me is to join her in corporate dronehood. This new scolding subroutine is doing nothing but inspiring me to update my resume, and to despise her.

Just as an aside, one of the bad guys, in the ep, a power plant bigwig, is played by Ralph Malph. He does not look happy at all. Maybe because the efficiency monitor is pointing a phaser at him.

The episode, a two-parter, inspired me to google, "corporate drone", and I was led to a blog called the Bitter Corporate Drone. All I've really read is the About me section -- it's great.

NB: If I'm exhibiting a heretofore unrevealed familiarity with Star Trek, please forgive me. I willingly admit that I like DS9 and Voyager. But not TNG, so it's okay.

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