Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I know dark clouds will gather round me

I know my way is rough and steep. But golden fields lie out before me where God’s redeemed shall ever sleep.

Just feeling rather dramatic here at 3:16am. And sleep - though not the permanent kind - would be most welcome. I've got more trouble at w*ork, and I need to vent.

This afternoon my b%ss crapped all over the outline I wrote for the big cheese's message - which I prepared in response to her crapping all over my first draft, which apparently did not have enough "thought leadership". As for my outline, she said she started to comment on it, but just had to do her own.

Turns out she thought mine was so terribly lacking she said is "concerned" about my ability to do this at all. Then as I looked at her outline she told me the three points she thought were most important. I grabbed mine, and circled the same three points.

She then said she didn't like the writing style of the outline; it didn't have a good narrative flow. I looked at her with some astonishment and reminded her it was an outline, not the article, and that I needed feedback before proceeding because she had thought I was so off the mark with my first draft.

I told her in future I need clear direction on what the article is supposed to be about, including the main point I'm supposed to make, as well as a brief outline.

She said they shouldn't have to provide me with an outline and that I should generate it. I said I didn't think it was unreasonable or unorthodox for a writer to require an outline about a topic that is unfamiliar, never mind wanting one even when the topic is familiar. She disagreed and said -again - that she's very concerned. I said well then Gertrude (her boss, and my dotted-line report) has hired the wrong person for the job. She again said she's concerned.

This is not a good sign.

Anyway I noted that the article is supposed to be 400 words and the outline looked to be more than that, and was there anything in there that shouldn't be. She said to not be concerned with word count and just see "where this lands".

In other news: I have my performance review tomorrow - hurrah! Plus I get to write and submit yet another draft by noon! Then, I get to consume 4 litres of Kl@@n-Prep to prepare for my colonoscopy on Wednesday. You know things are really good when you're looking forward to a colonoscopy.

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  1. I hope that soon all the roughest roads will be behind you.