Saturday, August 2, 2008

The horrifying, the weird, and some nostalgia for mucilage to leave you feeling the world is okay

If you don't feel like being upset right now, don't go there, but I can't just ignore this. The headlines from the past two days have been horrifying.

And alongside them, the just plain weird: exhibit A, B, and C.

Now, back to a happy place. The world is actually very often an okay place, with comics and people who make fun of them and people who read what people who make fun of them write. By the way, Josh, mucilage is the name of the kind of glue we had back in Grade 3 here in Ontario (I don't actually know if it was present in schools in the States). It was non-toxic, so kids could eat it. I didn't. But you could also gum up some semi-dry musilage into a ball and throw it to try to make it stick onto the classroom ceiling, which worked quite well. And I think most of its users think of it - the glue and it's little brown bottle - quite fondly. It's even had it's day as a muse.

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